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festival there will be a lot of emotions in the wake of what is going on in japan after the quake and tsunami. people will have the people of demand on their hearts and minds. 3000 trees were brought here 99 years ago. people will be thinking about what is going on in that country. there will be a lot of support. they will be raising money for the deadpan relief fund. all of that will go to the red cross in japan. -- raising money 40for the japan relief fund. >> there's always beauty and always tragedy going on all over the world at any time. we should be grateful when we have the duty and stick together in tragedy. >> the festival gets underway tomorrow. the 16-day festival will last until april 10. already we are starting to see pink along the tidal basin. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >>> 6:06, 33 degrees outside. >> still ahead a bill to battle child with obesity affected by virginia's governor. >> how young is too young for social networks, what parents need to know. >> the cherry blossom weekend forecast first. it has some sno >>> in a little while the tidal basin will be tran
in japan at the nuclear power plant may be getting worse. officials say highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the facility and contaminated the water is being found farther from the plant now. the crews are pumping out hundreds of tons of radioactive water. the plant's operators are apologizing for overstating radiation levels inside the reactors. >>> 32 years ago today the u.s. suffered its worst nuclear crisis. that was at three mile island nuclear plant in pennsylvania. >> the disaster in japan has renewed fears about whether a nuclear crisis could happen again here. karen has a closer look on what that means for the future of nuclear energy in america. >> the partial meltdown of three mile island had a crippling effect in the u.s. nuclear power program. since then, no new plants have been ordered in the united states. last year president obama announced that would change. his administration has put in $8 billion in federal loan guarantees for america's first new power plants in 30 years. the wake of the disaster in japan, president obama and the clear experts have expresse
. >> thank you. >>> we begin with new details from the disaster in japan. authorities have once again increased the death toll. the natural disasters or likely killed 18,000 people. at least 9400 people are confirmed dead. thousands are still missing. rising smoke this morning prompted a new evacuation of workers trying to stabilize japan's kubota nuclear plant. >>> our top story the double murders have shocked america county community. police are searching for possible connection. >> two men were attacked within blocks of each other, adjusted is a part. family members and witnesses are speaking. brianne carter is live in olney with the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. residents in this community are baffled and fearful after all this has happened just blocks away from one another and in less than a week. on monday punyasara gedara was shot to death as he was walking home from his job. the first job that he has had in the u.s. since moving here from sri lanka six months ago. this comes just days after 81- year-old nazir ahmed was found dead in his home. the
gaddafi. >>> now to the disaster in japan. radiation from a crippled nuclear power plant may be spreading. the u.n. nuclear agency says high levels of radiation were found in a village 25 miles from that facility. that is outside the 19-mile evacuation zone. most of the village residents left, but nearly 100 people stayed behind. >>> d.c. councilman marion barry is driving around in an onregistered vehicle. its license plates has been inactive since last september. -- an unregistered vehicle. he says that he's working to correct the problem and that the tags are from his old car. >>> baseball is back in the district. the washington nationals will begin the season this afternoon with a home game against the atlanta braves. >> fans will need to bundle up and budget plenty of time to arrive before the opening pitch. brianne carter has a preview. >> good morning. there is a little bit of a drizzle this morning. fans are hoping it will stay that way to allow the remainder of the day. first pitch at 1:05 this afternoon. there's a lot of fan excitement building about this team and about the clea
for a troubled -- crippled nuclear power plant in japan. at or near the boiling point. crews are trying to restore power to the facility. restoring electricity will eventually help cool down the overheated reactor is and the fuel storage pools. >>> 67 degrees outside. >> till i get, and up -- still ahead, an update of breaking news. the house fire has sent a family of three to a hospital. we will have a report. >> the relationship between health wealth, and when you were born. >> and brian as what >>> i am a contestant on teacher tournament in jeopardy. i'm here with my class and colleagues in virginia. beallsville, virginia. >> good morning, washington. >>> welcome back. brian van de graaff in the belfort furniture weather center. temperatures are pretty mild to start. not a surprise. yesterday it was 70 downtown. this morning, 52 downtown, 48 in gaithersburg, 61 in culpeper. scattered clouds still down to the south. there is an energy of to the west. tonight into tomorrow we will have that sliding across the area. today, partly sunny. 61 for the high temperature. still above average.
.simila >>> 6:11, 44 degrees. >> the earthquake in japan's the automotive industry, a parts shortage keeps spreading. >> did d.c. schools help students cheat on standardized tests? the schools chancellor, coming up. kids, is behavior in linkdye?ink to -- -- to food dyes? rtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: caller steve, go right ahead. steve: yeah, um, i just got a free rate quote on geico.com, saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some sort of record? gecko: that's a good question. let's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds. gecko: still, i mean, that's... that's quite fast! steve: well, what if i told you i only used one hand? anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back. texting our top stories. a 15-year-old high school charges after authorities say he brought a loaded gun to school. y atappened yesterda school inhigh frederick. arrested after fellow students turned him in. police say the student told them needed a weapo
across the country now. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >>> another developing story. in japan two workers at a crippled nuclear power plant are in the hospital after being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. a spokesperson for the fukushima plant says the accident happened while the men were laying electrical cable. two dozen workers have been hospitalized since the plant began leaking radiation. >>> a private funeral is planned for later this week for a hollywood legend elizabeth taylor. the academy award winning actress died yesterday of congestive heart failure. she was one of the last of the classic movie stars. she was also known former stormy personal life. eight marriages. she was an activist who raised millions of dollars for aids research. elizabeth taylor was 79 years old. >>> 6:07 on this thursday, 40 degrees outside. >> when we return, why you may have to worry if you want to cast the cherry blossoms at their best. >> also, we will talk about spring's stormy start, a look at wild weather wreaking havoc all across the country. >> lisa baden as another check of your thursd
. there will be limited colors in vehicles due to the japan quake because of factories closed over there. there's a class action lawsuit against walmart. female workers say men were promoted more and faster. blockbuster's closing 186 more stores. it has announced plans to close over one-third of its stores. thanks for watching, i am peggy bunker. >>> 6:18 on this tuesday morning, for traffic and weather. >> i know how much you love to forecast snow. many people thought we were done. you are smiling. >> i am ready to make the turn. >> it is a mix. >> i call it glorified raindrops. remember on sunday when it was not on the roads but only on the grass and on the decks? it will be something like that. i don't anticipate accumulation on the grassy services locally it in this situation. limited mainly to the higher elevations to the north and west. you are looking just above the lincoln memorial with the moon rising early this morning at 4:18. there is a look at venus. venus in the sky. look at temperatures. temperatures are in the 20's and in some locations, especially outlying areas. my graphics are all over
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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